Interviewer : Have you ever been woozy at altitude ?

Tom: No but, you know, I fly as a pilot. And one time we were flying to Colorado, and I was flying this airplane that you had to go on oxygen, and winds are better at a higher altitude. So we climbed up, and I realized that we couldn’t stay at that altitude, we’d have to descend because we didn’t have enough oxygen. We had a passenger in the back, so we figured out, me and the co-pilot, that if we turned the oxygen off on the back guy, that we could make it at this altitude. [audience and Tom laugh] You know… it wasn’t dangerous or anything…

Interviewer: What happened when you turned his oxygen off?

Tom: He was very quiet, and he fell asl– [laugh] He fell asleep, he fell asleep. [laugh] He slept the whole way. [laugh] You know, it’s the kinda guy you wanted to have asleep the whole way. [laugh]

Interviewer: But honestly, looking at it from another direction, isn’t that attempted man slaughter? [laugh] To just turn a guy’s oxygen off? You’re lucky you’re not doing time, for the love of God!


Tom: He woke up– [laugh] You know, when we were landing, and he said– [laugh] He said… he said… “my h– [laugh] “my hands– [laugh] He said, “Geez my hands– [laugh]  –my hands are all –[laugh] He said, “my hands are tingly, I slept the whole way”. He said, “must’ve been the way I was laying” [laugh]

Interviewer: He wasn’t getting enough oxygen to his brain!… Oh my God.

Tom: I know… Oh, God… [laugh] No, it was not such a high altitude, then it would have, you know, caused death or anything. [laugh] He just had numbness in his extremities. [laugh]

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Posted on Wednesday, 2 January
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